Men's Wallets: Source of Your Hip Problem?

Most men stick their wallets in their back pockets.  They just put it back there and don't give it a second thought till then need to get something out of it.  Some of these wallets can be quite thick with credit cards, money, pictures, receipts and more.  I've seen some that are probably about 2 inches thick!  However, like the post I wrote about women and their purses, these wallets can cause problems to men without their even knowing what's going on.  And you men probably thought you were getting off easy since you don't carry a heavy purse around. :)

Let me use the example of the 2" thick wallet.  A man places this wallet in his back pocket.  Then he sits down, he gets in and out of his car, he sits back down at his desk and through out the day this process is done multiple, multiple times.  Each time you sit down you are sitting on this extra 2".  Now visualize how this displaces your hips...it will bring one hip up higher then the other every single time you sit down.  This obviously wrecks havoc on your body.  You may not feel it directly in your hip, it could be radiating up through your back without knowing a direct cause.  So now you know what might be causing you some pain.

For you men you have two easy solutions.  One being put your wallet in your front pocket.  The other being to make sure you take your wallet out of your back pocket each time you sit down.

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