Protect Yourself from the H1N1 Flu

Can you protect yourself from the H1N1 flu with massage?  Possibly.  Massage therapy has been proven to enhance your immune system.  Lymphocytes and natural killer cells (NK cells) are part of our innate immune system and reduce the amount of the stress hormones cortisol.  Cortisol has been shown to interfere with the production of NK cells which keep our immune system in check.  A healthy body produces the NK cells to respond and kill cells that are infected when we have a virus and boost your body to ward off illnesses.  Massage also increase the circulatory and lymphatic systems.  Both systems removes toxins.  The circulatory system is also responsible for bringing nutrients to the billions of cells in your body and the lymphatic system captures and destroys invading bacteria and viruses.

While massage therapy has not been specifically proven to fight the H1N1 flu, massage has been proven to decrease your stress levels as well as (again) increase your immune system.  I think we all know when our stress levels go up our immune system goes down.  So while massage may not directly protect you from the H1N1 flu, it will increase your immune system as well as increase your healthy killer cells and help protect you from sicknesses.  However, on the other end of the spectrum if you think you are sick with any type of flu, do not receive a massage.

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