Spiritual & Psychic Boutique

This past Saturday I was fortunate enough to be a part of local psychic Harriette Knight's first Spiritual and Psychic Boutique.  What an amazing day!!  This was a unique group of individuals showcasing each one of their own special talents and gifts.  Harriette was selling her Charity Clarity Jewelry, Chakra Power book and doing psychic readings.  Hypnotherapist, Maile Gray was doing handwriting analysis.  Sheri Va was selling her Sheri Baby inspirational t-shirts, Diana Shaw was doing astrology and chart readings, and Alice O'Hare was doing channeling readings.  All very unique and different offerings and yet everything just flowed so well through the day.  There was a constant stream of people in and out of Harriette's house.  Some stayed for just a short time, such as Julie Molinare who came and got a quick massage, said hi to everyone and then had to be off.  Some stayed pretty much all day getting in all the information that they could, enjoying all that was offered.

For me, I was busy all day!  It was so good to help so many people feel relaxed.  As much as I love what I do, sometimes people aren't always willing to get a massage (or to pay for it) and sometimes I'm just not as busy as I'd like when I'm offering chair massage.  However, this day was just tremendous!  I was pretty much busy from the moment I stepped in till way past the time it was going to end.  I was so busy I had asked one person if she minded waiting so I could eat a small bit for lunch.  I even had a new client that I meet through Harriette at her book signing that came that day specifically to see me!  Things like that just make me happy!  I feel very blessed to be a part of that day and to be able to join in and hear all the interesting conversations and readings, meet new people, laugh, and just make people feel great!  Thanks, Harriette for including me!!  And thank you to all of you that came to me for a massage too!!
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Massage Packages: Which One Do You Want?

I am very happy to announce the new creation of massage packages for Heavenly Healing Mobile Massage!  So I'm just going to go right into all the packages without any more pre-information.

Pure Heavenly Healing (Year of Heavenly Wellness)
50 Massage Sessions ~ $2997 Limited Quantity Offer (Save $1003)

Picture this…once a week, you being massaged for a whole year (minus two weeks off for vacations, etc)! This investment into yourself is your own preventative health care routine. This is designed to assist your body’s natural healing ability by increasing your immune system. Massage benefits the body through pain and stress relief, lessens depression, increases your levels of dopamine and serotonin, as well as increasing your natural killer cells which respond and kills cells that are infected when you have a virus and boosts your body to ward off illnesses such as colds, flu’s, cancer, diabetes and more.

Purchase your “Pure Heavenly Healing” package between now and January 31, 2010. I am only offering a limited number of these packages for your year of Pure Heavenly Healing massage wellness. You will have an annual savings of $1003 for the year! Bonus is that you may use your pre-paid massage and convert it to a gift to give to family, friends or clients in place of your massage. Appointments must be made seven days in advance. Package is good for one year from date of purchase.

Healthy Body and Mind Package
24 Massage Session ~ $1597 Limited Quantity Offer (Save $323)

Create your own preventative health care system with the Healthy Body and Mind Package. Twice a month, for twelve months, you receive the health benefits of massage. Maintain a healthy body and mind through massage which increases the circulatory and lymphatic systems and remove toxins from your body, in addition to diminishing the stresses from your mind. Massage has been proven to decrease your stress levels and prevent various sicknesses and with this twice a month package you will improve your health and assist your bodies’ natural abilities to heal its’ self.

Purchase this package between now and January 31, 2010. I am only offering a limited number of these packages. You will have an annual savings of $323 for the year. Plus you may exchange your pre-paid massage to a gift to give to family, friends or clients in your place. Appointments must be made seven days in advance. Package is good for one year from date of purchase.

Take the Knot’s Out Package
6 Massage Sessions ~ $419 (Save $61)

There is nothing quite like a massage to get those knots out. With this package you choose when you want to use your massages whether it’s once a week for six weeks or once a month for six months. Whether you’ve just been stressed out or spent the whole weekend playing golf and need to get the body back into a pain-free state. It’s up to you. This package is good for six months from date of purchase.

The Total “Ahhh” Package (Wine and Massage)
3 Massage Sessions with 3 bottles of wine ~  $279

For the wine fan, how much better could it be then to have a bottle of Silkwood Wine hand-delivered to you with each massage? With this package not only will you receive a most amazing massage, you get a hand-delivered bottle of Red Duet to enjoy a glass either before your massage or as a refreshing end to your relaxing session. Plus since I come to you, you will have no worries about drinking and driving as I’ll be the one driving away as you give a toast to the Heavenly feeling you will experience. Appointments must be made seven days in advance. Package must be used within six months of date of purchase.

Body Tune Up Package
3 Massage Sessions ~ $219 (Save $21)

Just like a car, your body needs to get its tune-ups too. This package is designed for you to get your once a month body tune-up. It’ll help you release those pent-up stresses and give you the time to relax the body and mind and feel renewed and refreshed. This package is good for three months from date of purchase.

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Massage Just for the Wealthy?

Many people look at massage as a luxury, something to treat yourself with once a year for your birthday or anniversary, or even something that only the 'wealthy' do.  I've had many people ask, or even state and assume that my clients must only be wealthy clients.  Their expectation is that only the 'rich' can afford massage.  If that's the case, then why are their so many spas and massage therapists?  There can't be that many 'rich' people keeping these places in business can there?  Ya, I don't think so.

Massage is for most everyone including kids and animals (and yes I've massaged kids and animals).  It doesn't matter what your checking account balance is, it's a whole variety of people that get massages.  For my business I have the range of clients that yes others would consider wealthy.  I also have middle-income as well as the other end of the spectrum of clients that live solely on disability and social security income.  Would they be considered wealthy?  Not in a financial sense, no.  In a healthy, well-being sense?  Absolutely!  And that goes for all my clients, the amount of money they have doesn't factor into the massage I do.  I consider every client I have wealthy in who they are and the type of person they are.  There is a quote I heard a while ago that I think relates to this topic:  First Wealth is Health ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson. 

Massage is something people do for themselves, it is an investment into their own health, something that you do for you to help keep your body and mind in check.  What one person may consider expensive another doesn't.  I may consider paying $60 or more for pants expensive while someone else freely spends their money on $100 pants.  Part of it really comes down to what you want to spend your money on.  Do you want to spend money on you?  Do you think you're worth the cost of massage?  Do you think you're health is worth it?  Well you should think you're worth it, because you are!  What I really think it comes down to is that we are taught not to ever be selfish and we consider massage a selfish act.  Again, it's not and your first wealth is your health and it's an investment into you!  So go ahead, make that investment!

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Chiropractic Care: Hand in Hand with Massage

I've been asked many times by clients my opinion on whether they should see a Chiropractor and what the benefits.  My opinion is that Chiropractic care goes hand in hand with massage.  Chiropractic and massage therapy used in combination, form a powerful healing approach that addresses your pain on many different levels. Whether your pain is the result of traumatic injury, overuse or stress, these two therapies can speed your return to a pain-free and productive life.

Back pain, neck pain and headaches are just a few of the painful and most commonly seen conditions that send most people to a chiropractor.  Misalignment's in your body, called subluxations, can pull on your muscles and disrupt the nerve transmissions, especially in the spine which houses nerves affecting the entire body.  The resulting pain can be at the site of the subluxations as well as places elsewhere in your body, which can also include numbness and tingling in various areas.  Many clients who I see at the chiropractic office I work in will complain of one area of pain and when I massage another area of their body are surprised to feel tension and soreness in other areas.  What they don't realize is when the body is out of alignment this pulls on many of the surrounding muscles as well as causing havoc in the nervous system creating the pain in the body.  Over time these tight, inflamed muscles and fascia (band of fibrous connective tissue enveloping, separating, or binding together muscles, organs, and other soft structures of the body) suffer poor circulation which prevent muscles from lengthening completely.  Sometimes these tight muscles can compress the nerves and cause severe pain.  Plus your tight muscles and shortened fascia can pull your joints right back out of alignment again and this puts you right back to where your started.  In pain!

In general, massage increases circulation to the whole body as well as to the areas of pain. This reduces painful swelling and inflammation and promotes healing by removing waste products and bringing nutrients to your tissues. Like a sponge absorbing water, both fascia and muscles begin to soften and lengthen.  Which in turn helps hold your adjustments in place, decreasing your pain and putting your body back towards a state of health.

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Protect Yourself from the H1N1 Flu

Can you protect yourself from the H1N1 flu with massage?  Possibly.  Massage therapy has been proven to enhance your immune system.  Lymphocytes and natural killer cells (NK cells) are part of our innate immune system and reduce the amount of the stress hormones cortisol.  Cortisol has been shown to interfere with the production of NK cells which keep our immune system in check.  A healthy body produces the NK cells to respond and kill cells that are infected when we have a virus and boost your body to ward off illnesses.  Massage also increase the circulatory and lymphatic systems.  Both systems removes toxins.  The circulatory system is also responsible for bringing nutrients to the billions of cells in your body and the lymphatic system captures and destroys invading bacteria and viruses.

While massage therapy has not been specifically proven to fight the H1N1 flu, massage has been proven to decrease your stress levels as well as (again) increase your immune system.  I think we all know when our stress levels go up our immune system goes down.  So while massage may not directly protect you from the H1N1 flu, it will increase your immune system as well as increase your healthy killer cells and help protect you from sicknesses.  However, on the other end of the spectrum if you think you are sick with any type of flu, do not receive a massage.

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