Reflexology Basics

Reflexology is a method of massaging specific areas of the feet, hands and even ears to relieve nervous tension, promote healing and relieve stress in other parts of the body.  The understanding is that certain areas in these appendages corresponds to every part in the body.  What this means is that areas of the feet, hands and ears reflect other known areas of the rest of your body.  For instance the ends of your toes and fingers are a reflection of your brain and head, the low back is towards your heel.  And each side of the foot, hands and ears corresponds to that side of the body, i.e. right hand, right side.  Reflexology is a form of bodywork that can be very specific in having only the hands/feet (and sometimes ears) worked on and/or included in other various types of massage.

One of the nice things about reflexology is this is something that you can do yourself to help you have an immediate relief in whatever might ail you until you can see either your massage therapist or reflexologist.  The basics are pretty easy.  To stimulate healing in your body through your feet, hands and/or ears find the points that are sore or painful and put pressure there by massaging it.  You can use your hands for the feet and ears or use other things for your feet such as a ball or wooden foot roller.  Use for a few minutes every day.  There is a great interactive reflexology chart for your feet and hands at Dorling Kindersley books website.  Of course for the ears, check out the chart above.

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