Relax, It's Just Another Day

Finding it hard to find a moment to relax in your daily life?  Our very fast paced lives seem to put us to where we go, go, go.  We get up, get the kids, drop them off at school, go to a meeting or two or three, return phone calls, emails, do reports, deadlines, deal with employees, more meetings, paperwork and the list goes on and on.  And every day you end up exhausted at the end of the evening.  Have you ever thought of taking a daily break during your day?  Most people would say no way to that question.  There's always too much to do.

Just like anything that you have scheduled through your day, you need to schedule a break.  Taking a break during your busy day can actually make you more productive. When we get overwhelmed and stressed with too much to do, we can actually become very counterproductive and do even less when trying to do more.  We can get unfocused and unproductive which puts us even further behind, which stresses us out more and the cycle continues.  So stop the cycle and take a break.  Even a five-minute break can decompress your mind and help you refocus.  Here's five easy break ideas:

1)  Talk a walk outside.  Step away from the desk/computer and enjoy the sunlight.

2)  Watch a meditation video.  Soothing Meditation by Heavenly Healing Mobile Massage
3)  Close your door and dance to your most favorite song and release that pent up energy.

4)  Do a few Yoga poses  OfficeBreakYoga.com
5)  Laugh!  Find something that makes you laugh outloud.  Evolution of Dance

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