Simple Self-Massage

Ever have that nagging pain in your shoulder that you just can't quite reach? There is an easy way to do a bit of self-massage to get into some of those areas that you just can't quite reach. What you need is either a tennis ball cut in half or a kitchen towel with a knot in it. Once you have one of these items (1/2 the tennis ball), place it on the floor. You will need to do this on the floor instead of a couch or bed as that is too soft. Lay down slowly on the ball or towel. Do not rush this as it may place too much pressure as well as it will probably hurt. When you have laid down on the ball, slowly roll your body around it. This rolling gives your body the (self) massage. Do this for one to three minutes max. Any longer then that and it will counteract the pain and will make your knot even more sore. Slowly lift your body of the ball or towel and your done. That's it. Simple self massage. :)

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