Rockstar Seminar; Rocking Your Mind

I just spent the weekend at Craig Duswalt's Rockstar Marketing System for Success seminar. It was so packed full of information and guest speakers and ideas I'm on overload. I'm sure it'll take me a few days, or weeks, to digest it all. A brief thing on Craig, he is the former personal manager for Axl Rose of Gun's and Roses and prior to that he worked with Air Supply and Russell Hitchcock. Thus the Rockstar title. Craig's seminar's are very warm, inviting, fun and interactive and for this touchy-feely girl it's just the right way for me to learn. During the weekend I was fortunate enough to gain great exposure for my business. Craig offered a table to me and I did chair massage to the other attendees and made a few extra dollars. Yet, the bigger scheme of things was the people and connections I met which were mostly from my area too, that should become really great contacts and/or clients. As well as a few people from a different seminar. Plus I got to reconnect with some friends and acquaintances that just made the time there that much more fun! Some of the highlights from the seminar were:

• Craig himself. He is personable, fun, has great stories, smart, charming, approachable and just overall really glad he's decided to take this direction in his life for the rest of us to benefit from what he does! And the rockstar stories he can tell are great, which have surprisingly all been clean so far.

• Listening to Glenn Morshower of "24" and "Transformer" fame speak. I was lucky to spend some one-on-one time with him talking even more. He is a passionate, inspirational man and I loved his "whispers" and need to listen to those much more often. There is also the fun side of this man as he told us about syrup in his shoes, bologna in his underwear.

• Being inspired by the 80-yr-old woman who started her new Hypnotherapy career at age 57

• Knowing someone personally who's used Craig's book writing training and created an amazing product. Harriette Knight wrote the book Chakra Power and it is now available at Barnes and Noble. How cool is that?

• Being surrounded by wonderful women that I could learn from as well as bounce off my ideas, and issues that I face. Thank you Linda Fleischmann and Tera McHugh...you really made it that much better for me!

All in in all it was an incredible weekend and am so thankful and glad that I was able to be a part of it!

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