Take A Cigarette Break

Take a cigarette break? What the heck am I talking about? You thought I was all about health and goodness, etc. Well I don't mean to actually take a break and go smoke a cigarette, what I do mean is to take a break. Before doing massage, I worked in a variety of manufacturing offices and the people who smoked where constantly taking breaks. So now that I do massage and promote taking time to re-charge, the people who took those cigarette breaks mostly had the right idea.

Though obviously I am NOT going to promote smoking, I do promote taking breaks during the workday. So many of us sit at our computer hour after hour after hour and before we realize it we haven't gotten off our butts for four, five maybe six hours or more. Sitting for such long periods is both not good for our bodies as well as our minds. You hear about when you travel that you should get up and walk around every hour or so. The same thing applies to the workday. Get up! Walk around! Even just getting up and walking away from your desk for as little as 3-5 minutes will circulate your blood through your body and give you those few minutes to re-charge your brain. This especially good when you are facing a problem that you just don't know what to do about. Taking those few minutes to not think about it, can give your subconscious mind the time to circulate the problem and hopefully give you an answer when you come back to it.

Though this might seem to be a contradiction to you, you can be more productive when you take more breaks. So again, though I am not promoting cigarette use, I am promoting taking as many breaks (or more) as the people in your office who smoke. I will end with this quote from Dr. Joyce Brothers, Psychologist and advice columnist: "No matter how much pressure you feel at work, if you could find ways to relax for at least 5 minutes every hour, you'd be more productive."

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