What to Wear Or Not to Wear

What do I wear or not wear for my massage? Do I completely undress? A question that is asked over and over, especially for first-time massage clients. As the previous blog said most people are nervous the first time they receive a massage and this question is one of the many normal questions that you should ask or be told what to do by your therapist.

Usually the fear of vulnerability by being naked is the biggest factor to the question. For some it's even what will the therapist think if I do undress completely. Most people will undress completely. However, you do not have to! Understand that you will be covered by sheets in those uncomfortable to expose areas at all times. What I tell my first-time clients is that it is up to them whether or not they want to take their underwear off. If they do go completely nude, I tell them that I massage the hips and gluts (butt) as part of the massage. If for whatever reason(s) they are uncomfortable and do not want to be completely naked I avoid those areas as the butt and hips can be an area that they are not used to having someone touch. Everyone has their own comfort zones of what to wear or not wear and my main concern is for my client to be comfortable in their space. I have the whole range of clients from the people who undress in front of me to the underwear/boxer shorts that almost reach their knees. Again, your comfort level is the most important thing (along with communication to your therapist) and you make the decision of what to wear or not to wear. And if you do choose to not wear anything your therapist isn't going to think any differently of you. :)

I hope this has helped you make the decision to get a massage and get passed those fears, questions and concerns. Now the big thing is....when will you make your first appointment?

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