Hot Stone Massage Gift Set


Hot Stone Massage Gift Set

Want a way to massage your partner with a bit of warmth and love? This Hot Stone Massage Gift Set lets you do that. Bring home these stones and hear your partner say "ahhh". The kit includes stones, massage lotion (scent of Cucumber or Lavender) and directions of when and when not to massage someone.

I created this kit as different way for people to massage their partners. I truly believe that touch is one of the best gifts that you can give someone. We all thrive and love to be touched and noticed, and when you touch your partner in a loving way it can make both you and your partner feel wonderful inside. This gift set can be a way to enhance that touch and/or to help you massage someone when they have that nagging pain that they want you to make go away. The stones enhance any massage with the warmth that they hold and how they can help 'melt' those sore muscles. However, as with most everything there are cautions to be aware of when using these stones. The main caution being that you should NOT leave the stones on the bare skin as it can burn, blister and cause up to 3rd degree burns of the skin. The directions card that comes with the kit defines even more cautions. Just enjoy and be careful.

Relax in the warmth that this Stone Massage Gift Set will bring you and your partner!
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