Giants of Humanity

In starting my new blog, my goal is to mostly write about anything and everything massage and body related. Yet with the new President of the United States taking office, today is different. :)

As I watched the inauguration of our new President Obama and how he talks about the "many challenges that we are faced with and how they will be met and how we have chosen hope over fear," it reminded of how many challenges I we have overcome in my short 42 years of life. I have seen our country get past the prejudices of various ignorance's against certain nationalities (especially growing up less then a mile from 'Little Saigon' in the early 70's), of the space shuttle Challenger explosion, the wall between East and West Germany broken apart, of 9/11 and other terrorist acts against our country by both our own Americans and beyond, as well as the natural disasters that we have faced with earthquakes, floods, tornadoes and massive fires in our own valley. With each problem that we have faced our country has risen and become giants of humanity by assisting each other as Americans and as human beings. Not as Black-Americans or Asian-Americans, but just as Americans with the hope that we will make things better after whatever crises we have faced.

In President Obama's speech he said that “we all are equal to pursue the measure of happiness.” I agree with him. We need to get beyond the 'mist of this crisis' that we are in and I believe we can. And our history shows that we can! However I think we can only get beyond this by starting with our own actions and not waiting for others and find our own happiness. As my friend April posted on Facebook yesterday "April is going to spread rumors that the economy has started an upswing...cuz I’m tired of all the bad news!!!" I am in full agreement with her 'cuz I'm tired of the news saying how bad things are too. I am no longer going to discuss how slow my business is. I'm going to start the rumors that my business is amazing and thriving and how I am improving people’s lives by being stress-free, pain-free and/or relaxed. I am going to start the rumor of how much money I see being spent at stores and at businesses because I know there are lots of businesses that are thriving! And I plan on being one of those thriving businesses! So with all that said, let's start these positive rumors, let's find the humanitarians within ourselves and be the positive changes that I have seen and know we can all do!

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