Rice vs. Meat

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Way back when, when I was in high school and played sports the school's athletic trainer's famous words were "Ice it."  No matter what the injury was, he always just said ice it.  It became a running joke with everyone who played sports.  Fast forward 30 years later (damn :/) and things have changed.  So much more has been learned about the body, about ice and heat for the muscles.  Here is a great article on the old-school RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation) method versus the new-school MEAT (Movement, Exercise, Analgesics, Treatment) method.  A side note:  Did you know you could get frostbite from icing an injury?  Or that if you leave ice or heat on the body for longer then the recommended 15-20 minute time period it can counter-effect the injury and actually make it worse?  Food for thought.  Read a lot more information here.


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