Halloween Massage Special

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Ahh, Halloween one of my favorite holidays!  Though I can't stand scary movies (just the music from the Exorcist creeps me out and I change the channel immediately), I do love the fun, crazy, creative decorations and costumes that go with it.  Have you ever been to Halloween on Hollywood Blvd?  That that is this holiday on steroids and the costumes range from store-bought to looking like a prop costume from a movie.  Simply astounding!

So how does massage correlate with Halloween, you ask?   Well, since Halloween means trick-or-treating with the kids, or standing up at parties for long periods of time, it also means that your feet will be sore from walking and standing so much.  In additions, for you parents, that your lower back, shoulders and arms will be stiff and sore from picking put the kids, holding the bag of goodies and bending over a lot to fix costumes and pick up the things they drop.  So are you ready to set up your Halloween Rescue Massage?

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