Ear Poking and Ass Slapping, Oh My! (Part 3)

(This is finally Part 3 of my personal and crazy experience of receiving a massage at one of the so, so many cheap foot reflexology businesses)

Instead of going into so much more detail let me just highlight a few more things. When I was face up and he was massaging my face and head, he stuck his fingers inside my ears. No not massaged my ears, literally stuck his fingers in the hole of my ear! Many friends have asked if he gave me a wet Willie, lol. Minus the wet part, yes! How odd is that? My left ear bugged me for a week! Why would you stick your fingers in someone’s ear??? He took my eyebrows and pulled them out. Literally grabbed the eyebrows and pulled them straight up. And an embarrassing thing, he took my back fat and pulled on it, grabbing it between his hands and squeezing. For the most part I’m very comfortable in my body and who I am, however this definitely made so not comfortable with myself! I had various parts of my body just unusually smacked such as the tops (backside) of my hands, my triceps, my butt, and my feet. My guy had a bracelet on that I would both hear move around and scratch me at times and my friends guy chewed gum the whole time to which I could hear him (I so hate the sound of chewing!). After the ‘massage’ and uncomfortableness and many, many, many times asking myself WHY is he doing the weird things he’s doing, I was glad it was finally over and all I could do was laugh.

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