Ear Poking & Butt Slapping, Oh My! (Part 1)

Recently I decided to get a massage at a competitors place, one of those really cheap $19 “foot reflexology” hole in the wall places. I have seen quite a few people on Facebook post that they are going there and thought it was time to check them out and find out why. I knew it would be a different then my normal full body massage, but didn’t expect it to be so different. It was the craziest massage I’ve ever had and this is my experience with them as well as a bit of inserts of my massage therapist friend who went with me and her experiences. I will say I laughed a lot during the massage at some of the absurdities that happened as well as my friend having to tell the non-English guy speaking over and over that he was hurting her. Again the craziest massage and as I posted on Facebook after the fact: “I have never had my ass slapped so much during a massage!”

Though part of this place’s business name is “Foot Reflexology” it really is anything but that. The premise of these places is that you receive a full-body massage fully clothed, even though they are called foot reflexology. I don’t understand why, I walked into a multi-purpose room that has about 16 chairs and ottomans that everyone is in, not like a spa with a private room. These are not the funky massage chairs you usually sit face forward in, rather more like over-sized lazy boy chairs that can lay completely flat and actually are comfortable. It was similar to walking into a Mani-Pedi business with large chairs and everyone is out in the open.

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