Natural Relief for Headaches

Many structures in and around the head are capable of producing headaches.  Headaches are a very common problem and are experienced by nine out of ten people.  Headaches are categorized into many different types such as migraines, stress, tension and cluster, which are based primarily on the symptoms they produce.  Because many headaches are caused by tension and dysfunction of the muscles and joints around the head, massage is an effective source of relief for many headache sufferers. They are also one of the many reasons people seek out regular massage.  Massage treatment of headaches uses gentle and natural methods as opposed to medication. 

A few ways to prevent headaches are:
   -   Drink water regularly as dehydration can cause headaches.
   -   Avoid foods that may trigger headaches such as caffeine, alcohol or chocolate and/or your own food allergies that you know can cause your headaches.
   -   Maintain good posture while sitting, standing and even sleeping.
   -   Avoid prolonged postures by taking a break or stretching.
   -   Exercise regularly to reduce stress and maintain overall wellness.

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