Soothing Meditation

I decided that I wanted to create a guided meditation and put it on YouTube and Facebook. This was just because it seems to go along with massage...quieting the mind. The idea was to take a few minutes during your busy day and refocus, relax and quite the mind. And then whenever you needed a quick break to de-stress you could watch it over and over.

I had the idea of how I wanted it the meditation to look and I had a simple program on my computer that I had never used before. Luckily, I'm pretty computer savvy and was able to figure out the program quickly, it just took some time to piece it together and to get the timing in shape. So after playing around with it and figuring out the pictures, the written content and the timing it's completed. I had fun creating it and will probably do more things in the future. Most of the pictures in the video are ones I took, with a few taken by a friend on a vacation we took to Turkey. I hope you enjoy it and please pass it on to all your friends. :)

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